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 "I forgot to tell you in my last message that on December 29th my dad died. I am not going to a lengthy explanation here, but you should know that you helped me tremendously with my parental issues in one of our very early sessions. It helped me to accept them the way they are/were, and it freed me from trying for the unattainable. I was able to face my dad’s passing with the appropriate and genuine sadness of losing a parent, and in my eulogy find enough positives to send him off to his eternal peace with my love for him."

E.D. from Delta

"I want to thank you so much for introducing me to your Pesonal Peace Program and your Emotional Freedom Technique exercises.  During a time of  real stress, the exercises helped me to regain a lasting feeling of calm, and a real sense of control over my reactions, my thinking and my feelings.  And now I use the exercises whenever I feel anxious about anything (whenever I feel overwhelmed at times with my workload, or find myself worrying about one of the kidds or grandkids, or about how long something is taking when I thought it would be done more quickly).  You have a powerfull gift, Sheryl, and I'm grateful that you shared it with me."

Neil Godin, Author of Selling in the (Comfort) Zone and publisher of Marketing Dangerously, the free idea-a-day eletter/blog service for business owners.

"I had been feeling guilty about my mother and her cancer.  Now I am able to cope and acknowledge the pain with feeling responsible for her well-being.  Knowing that you can't be responsible for another human being is rational.  The emotional feeling is another thing.  I was able to release the negative emotion of feeling guilty and responsible.

I also had buried in my subconscious mind the memories of my Dad. I had a fear of him becoming abusive at night.  That is why I have not slept well all of my life.  I'm amazed that I didn't know it was there.  I am now able to look at th experience from an adult perspective.  What I could not process as a child, I can do now as an adult. 

I am now setting boundaries, empowering myself and devoting some of my caring time to myself.

Esther Hicks, Chilliwack BC

After six sessions with Sheryl, I now feel that there are many more options for me in my decision making and in my life.  I've taken thousands of hours in therapy: pyschology, NLP, brain scanning, on pills.  Drugs were not the anser and put my body ito a lot of stress.  My ability to function in the world was limited.  A psychiatrist diagnosed me as manic depressive and chemically imbalanced.  As a child, I was considered learning disabled.

I'm feeling a sense of empowerment.  This is important to me because I surrendered my power to other people in my life.  I always thought that they were smarter and wiser.  Now I know that although they may have an education in different areas, I expected them to "fix" me and know my programming for birth and they didn't.  

Does EFT make sense to me.  There is a part of me that absolutely knows it makes sense but there is an analytical part of me that wants to analyze it and figure out how it works.  But I guess that doesn't matter as long as it does work.  I recommend it to anyone who is open to different type of therapy and a different option for their life.

Lucille Cleggatt, Surrey BC

"I've been a bit shy about telling people about you, worried about what they might think about me if they knew I was doing some weird tapping thing.  I'm sure you know the story.  The amazing thing is that even though I'm quite sure the first reaction of a lot of people will still be that it's a weird tapping thing, I don't actually care!  I know EFT has helped me and what it has actually helped me with is not needing to change anyone's perception of tapping, and knowing that what I am doing is perfectly fine if it works for me.  How liberating!  Thank you!"

Donna T., Mission, BC

"I went into my appointment with Sheryl with a stress level of "9" around my specific issue, with tension, especially in my shoulders. After EFT, my stress level was way down to "0" and the tension in my shoulders dissipated quickly. Within 15 minutes, it was gone completely and I felt calm and confident about the issue."

Jacqueline Jones, Port Coquitlam, B.C.

"Hi Sheryl...Thank you for your time the other night. It was interesting and kind of brings a close to something I have been working through the last 3 years. I realized when doing the balance with you the other night that when things in life crop up, they put me right back in the "hurt child stage." This is something I can now let go of and get on with my life. I can't say I am 100% cured, but I am gaining a better understanding of why hurtful words and actions have such a negative effect on me.

2 weeks later: I can't believe how much freer I feel! Now, when someone says something negative to me, I think "They must be having a bad day" and its not my fault. Before, I used to get all 
upset and anxious and wonder what I had done wrong to upset them. This is wonderful!"

Rose Smith -  Kelowna, B.C.

"Thanks for the wonderful treatment on Thursday. You have a real talent. Not sure how different I feel, but I was very tired that afternoon and I do feel lighter in my Solar Plexus area. I feel more 
of a blankness when I think about my mother, not anger."

Anne Arsenault, Mission, B.C

"Dear Sheryl....Thank you for the balance this morning. It was fabulous! You questioned and listened with wisdom and sensitivity. As a result, we covered a lot of territory in my abondonment issues. The new item to me that came up was, my abondonment of myself.
This would affect how I take care of (or don't take care of) myself in terms of exercise, eating and connecting with friends for playing.

Early in the session, I needed to muscle check myself because I wasn't able to evaluate the number intellectually. During the balance, I began to feel and recognize the shifts. By the end of the balance, there was no doubt in my mind of the major, positive shifts that had happened."
Emilie K. Bonney, M.Ed. Educator - Renton, Washington

"I have been tapping on various issues for quite a while.  I have a set time each day when I do at least one round on whatever I can think of.  I have been feeling guilty for not stopping by to see an old neighbour.  He has been our neighbour for eighteen years and I think he is 89 years old.  Probably about 3 years ago, he was helping himself to some of my precious fertilizer (cow manure) and I went out and told him I actually wanted it for my own garden.  He left my yard, without any fuss, but I have felt guilty for this ever since.  I was tapping on how awkward I would feel going over to say hello, after not doing it for such a long time.  That turned into tapping on the guilt for...that's when I heard your voice....guilty for what!!!...for my limiting belief that I have a right to ask someone to leave alone MY stuff!  What sane person would feel guilty for that!  I felt so free!

I went over to visit him later that day perfectly happy that he is a dear old man who has been my neighbour all these years.  I didn't bring it up, but I'm sure he doesn't even remember my 'offence'.  I honestly can't believe how much time I have wasted on ridiculous issues.  Thank you for continuing to get into my head, even when we are not in a session!  I am feeling incredible changes are in store for me.   With so much appreciation for your time, energy and gifts."   

Donna T., Mission, BC

"Sheryl...Thank you so much for taking the time to work on my energy stuff. I appreciate you doing that. When something negative is happening around me now. I can remove myself and be strong enough to continue on in my own endeavors. I am of worth!"

B.G. - Mission, B.C.

"To Whom it May Concern..  Sheryl Stanton, RN and Stress and Energy Consultant has been helping me. I have found my relationship with my husband has improved, for which my husband and I are grateful. I find I am worrying hardly at all at present, and yet I am what you would call a worry wort. My Bi-Polar and Borderline Personality DIsorder is in more control and I have gone off of some of my medications that help these mental conditions. 

I was sexually abused at age 8 and again at aged 15, which I am told caused my mental illness. Sheryl has helped me more than thirteen years of counselling with one on one sexual abuse counselors and group therapy! I still have moments but I have not finished seeing Sheryl yet. I do believe Sheryl is able to make me all better. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you give 
Sheryl the opportunity to help you and will be open minded, you will be able to have a better life than you could imagine possible."

Lisa Jane Beaumount - Mission, B.C.

"On October 27, 2005, I called Sheryl stanton. I had been at the care home for eleven days with my mother, who was dying of acute congestive heart failure. She was nearly ninety, and had been unable to recognize us or move for more than six years. Still, the leaving was unexpectedly hard, and I found myself pained by the estrangement that had started between my mother and I more than 20 years before. I had not expected to find help when I called, but we did a stress relief session over the phone. 

During that procedure, I, after all those years, tapped back into the pure love I had for my mother as a child, the delight in her presence, and the uncondtional love I had felt for ther for so many years when I was young. What a gift! I spent that whole day and evening with her and had the most wonderful time being with her, experiencing completely unfettered feelings of love for my mother. 

She died early the next morning. I am so grateful for the help that I got through Sheryl. I  reached a place I had been trying to get to for years; a place I could simply not go by myself. Those feelings 
of love for my mother and myself have remained, enabling me to be totally involved in her memorial service. I was able to prepare a memorial DVD with love and gratitude in my heart for what she was able to give me and for the life she lead. There are simply no words to express what change this is and what it has meant to me."

Sharon D. - Mission, B.C.

"I worked with Sheryl and consider her to be a compassionate,knowledgeable and passionate healer. She has helped me to recognize and stop approval seeking. Not only is my "disease to
please" wilting away, it has been replaced with a much strongerself-acceptance and love. 
Thank-you Sheryl!"

Karen McGregor, M.Ed., Professional Speaker, Author and Communications Coach
                                      Langley, B.C.

"I have noticed I have a lot less anger on the road now. So that is a good thing, as people can be idiot drivers if they want to, but that doesn't have to make me mad."

Anne Arsenault, Mission, B.C.

"I would like to tell you about my success with Sheryl Stanton's Stress program. 

Sheryl and I had worked together for years and I was a hard-to-impress friend. But this is what happened. In 2005-2006, I became very ill with what the doctor told me was inflamation of the muscles of my body. I could not take care of myself and lived with my daughter for three months. I was put on steriods for almost a year. I gained weight, and it took me a long time to start feeling any strength at all. I also suffered emotional stress as I am a 'doer.' I have a hard time not doing anything. 

Dreams became a problem. It was the way I managed my stress. In my dreams I was working in a restaurant, which was very stressful and I would wake up feeling tired. There were other dreams about my realtionships with my late husband and his family and also my children. Sheryl suggested that I come for a session with her.

I attended her workshop at the local library and was interesed in how it all worked. After my first visit with Sheryl, I found I no longer had  the particular stressful dreams that was always there. It had 
to do with my late husband and his family. Having grown children, I thought I was over all the stress of raising my family, but through Sheryl's program I discoved how much guilt and regret I was still
carrying around with me. I am truly free of that kind of stress. Hurray!!

And last but I am sure not least was that she gave me a new life's mission statement. Since then I have found a marked improvementin my level of happiness. It is truly a remarkable treatment for stress. I recommend it to all ages."

Pat Lambert, Age 70, Mission, B.C.

I first went to Sheryl because I saw my sister die with a lot of unfinished business and I didn’t want to end my life that way.  I knew there were some unresolved emotional issues I wanted cleared.  All of the six sessions I had with Sheryl were good and I was always impressed by her level of professionalism and her obvious care for me.  The most profound session was when she helped me resolve my issue with my son.  I felt guilty, responsible and frustrated as I kept trying to “fix” him.  Using EFT, I was able to let go and give him back the responsibility to solve his own problems.  I released the negative energy around my son and finally, am at peace!  I want to give a big thank you to Sheryl for the beautiful job she did.  I needed some guidance and couldn’t have done it without her.
                                                                                                                                                             Margaret S., Lower Mainland of BC

“I am very thankful I attended Sheryl’s seminar for Stress Relief.  I am using the knowledge and methods of relieving every-day stress daily.  I chose to have private coaching sessions with Sheryl.  These “one on one” coaching sessions showed me areas of my life that I haven’t dealt with.  My way of dealing with this old pain was to eat.  Now, whenever I feel hurt or angry, instead of soothing or comforting myself with food, I use the stress relief techniques Sheryl taught me.  I have been successfully losing weight.   I hope many people will accept her helpful stress-reducing remedies.  They really work!”  

Joan Rutz,  Mission

“I came to Sheryl after a frustrating battle with dysphagia – a dysfunction of the muscles that control swallowing.  It’s a condition I’ve had for a very long time but a few months ago, it started getting really serious, to the point where I was unable to eat solid foods.  Finding no help in Western medicine, I decided to try out Sheryl’s EFT service.  Am I glad I did.  Over the past two months of treatment, I have begun swallowing more easily and am back on solid food again.  Though there is still some work to do, I am confident that Sheryl will be the one to help me get there.”  

B. R.  Langley

Sheryl Stanton retired nurse
"Stress Relief" Specialist
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