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About Sheryl
Sheryl Stanton retired nurse
"Stress Relief" Specialist

2012 - Best of Canada Natural Health Award; 2nd place in Holistica Health Practitioner Category.

2011 - "Professional of the Year" in the Field of Stress Management Coaching according to the Cambridge "Who's Who" Directory.

2010 - "Women of Worth" Health and Wellness Award recipient.

As a Professional Speaker, Teacher, Author, Stress Relief
Specialist and Registered Nurse for 38 years, Sheryl Stanton's varied life, business and career experiences have equipped her to speak on stress in all forms!

A Stress Survivor herself, Sheryl's story inspires and impacts audiences everywhere. She can tell you first hand how prolonged, "unrelieved stress" has affected her health, happiness and quality of life.

Nine years ago, almost overnight, Sheryl Stanton became bedridden for three months. She suffered exhaustion to the point where it was almost too much effort for her even to breathe!

For many years before her stress-related illness, Sheryl had experienced multiple levels of stress on a daily basis:

--  Mother of six children: five born within six years, with the
     fourth child being severely handicapped. 
--  Foster mother for 3 special needs children for 5 years.
--  Lived for seventeen years with the financial stress of an
     insecure income.
--  Worked part time as a nurse and in various home-based
     businesses while trying to care for home and family.
--  Negative belief system about personal worth and capability 
     that did not allow personal peace, joy or satisfaction with life.

Sheryl was no stranger to the overwhelming stress that mothers can feel. Another aspect of her stress was being the caregiver to a seriously handicapped child, who later died at the age of seven. 

Sheryl wasn't aware of how stressed she was.  She just lived each day the best she could; doing what had to be done. Until that one memorable day when her body could no longer cope and just shut down. She spent three months either in bed or on the couch.

Doctors and conventional medicine could do nothing to help
Sheryl. Unwilling to accept that she would have to adjust 
to a limited lifestyle at the age of 45, she started searching 
for answers.

Finding no answers in Conventional Medicine, Sheryl's search started her on an extensive eight year study of many different modalities in Alternative Health and Energy Medicine

Applying the powerful Stress Reduction tools she learned, Sheryl eliminated her own stress and restored her health!  She learned about the limiting, negative belief systems she'd had all of her life. More important, she learned how to eliminate them! Sheryl now lives the kind of life she'd only dreamed of before.

In gratitude, Sheryl now shares her knowledge, skills and 
experience with others, as an author of four books: the "Personal peace Program", "Stress-Free Parenting: fact or fiction", "Stress-Free? - Me?" and "Work Stress? - Not a Problem!", a Professional Speaker and a private Stress Relief Specialist.

Sheryl travels, teaches, and is a sought after speaker to audiences everywhere. She shares her Stress Reduction tools, her own gifted healing abilities and her love and passion for helping others. 

Sheryl has made it her mission to teach you the tools you need 
so that you can have a stress free and joy filled life!


SHERYL STANTON  Stress Relief Specialist
   Phone:  604- 302 1095       E-mail:


Sheryl Stanton retired nurse
"Stress Relief" Specialist
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