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Sheryl Stanton retired nurse
Stress Relief Specialist
EFT is the home website for anyone interested in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), one of the techniques that Sheryl uses with her clients. The website contains many examples 
of successful ways that EFT has been used. 

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Dr. Carol Look is a skilled EFT Master. Some of the products that are available on her website are:

1)  Attracting Abundance with EFT - E-Book
2)  Audio CD's - Success and Abundance with EFT
3)  The Key to Weight Loss - Computerized program
4)  How to Lose Weight with Energy Therapy - E-Book
5)  Audio CD's - How to Lose Weight with EFT
6)  Quit Smoking Now - E-Book
For more information go to:

Carol Tuttle's website has a variety of wonderful products.  My 
favorite is her book; Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

She also has numerous courses and CD's including:

  Becoming a Vibrant Human Being: Living, Learning and 
     Creating From Your Chakras.
*   Intention Parenting

For more information go to:

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