I Connect You to the "HEART" (True Cause) of Your Problem.  
Then, I Help You Eliminate It ! ... Forever!
Sheryl Stanton retired nurse
Stress Relief Specialist

How Likely are You to Have or Get a Stress-Related Illness?


INSTRUCTIONS:  Put a tick beside each event that is currently affecting you or has happened in the past that still bothers you when you think about it.  Add the numbers behind each ticked item, total each column and then total the whole test.  

        TURN OVER TO COMPARE YOUR SCORE with the “Life Stress” Chart.    

Your Health                                              Your Work

Personal Injury or illness (44)__                      Fired From Work (47)__
Change in Health of Family Member (39)__      Business Readjustment (39)__
Sex difficulties (63)__                                    Change to Different Line of Work (36)__
                                                              Change in Work Responsibilities (29)__
Your Family and Personal Life              Change in Work Hours/Conditions (20)__
                                                                    Trouble With Boss (23)__
Death of a spouse (100)__
Death of a Close Family Member (63)__           Your Living Conditions
Divorce (73)__                                              Change in Living Conditions (25)__
Marital Separation (65)__                               Change in Residence (20)__
Marriage (50)__                                            Change in Recreation (19)__
Marital Reconciliation (45)__                           Change in Church Activities (19)__
Retirement (45)__                                         Change in Sleep Habits (16)__
Pregnancy (40)__                                          Change in Eating Habits (15)__
Gain of New Family Member (39)__
Death of Close Friend or Pet (37)__                 You and the Law
Son or daughter leaving home (29)__               Jail Term (63)__
Trouble with In-laws (29)__                            Minor Violations of the Law (11)__
Outstanding Personal Achievement (28)__
Change in Number of Arguments with               Your Education
Spouse (35)__                                               Begin or End School (26)__
Spouse Begins or Stops Work (26)__                 Change in Schools (20)__
Revision of Personal Habits (24)__
Change in Number of Family Members (15)__    Holidays
                                                                      Vacation (13)__
Your Finances                                         Christmas (12)__

Foreclosure of Mortgage or Loan (30)__
Mortgage or Loan Less than $80,000 (18)__      Column Two TOTAL: ________

Mortgage more than $150,000 (31)__
Change in Financial State (38)__

Column One TOTAL : _______                GRAND TOTAL: __________

                                LIFE STRESS TEST SCORES

0–149: Low Susceptibility to stress-related illness.
150-299: Medium Susceptibility to stress–related illness.
300 or over: High Susceptibility to stress-related illness.

This scale shows the kind of life pressure that you are facing.  Depending on your coping skills or lack of them, this scale can predict the likelihood that you will fall victim to a stress-related illness.  The illness could be mild – frequent tension headaches, acid indigestion, loss of sleep, etc. Or it could be severe, like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

If You Have a Score of 150 or More, Keep on Reading!

These are the Issues That CAN be Cleared From Your Life.
Check off all the ones that you are ready to Eliminate NOW!

Depression    Grief    Physical Pain
IllnessRelationship ProblemsMoney Troubles
Guilt   Fears  Work Stress
Anger Phobias    Poor Self-Esteem
Anxiety     Panic Attacks                               Performance Issues

Isn't NOW the Time to Clean Up and Clear Up Those Problems That Are Damaging Your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness?

"I realized when doing the balance with you that when things in life crop up, they put me right back in the 'hurt child stage'.  I can't believe how much freer I feel!  Now, when someone says something negative to me, I think 'they must be having a bad day' and it's not my fault.  Before, I used to get all upset and anxious and wonder what I had done wrong to upset them.  This is wonderful!"      Rose Smith, Kelowna                                                  

         Who am I and Why would you want to have my help?

My name is Sheryl Stanton.  I'm a retired nurse, Stress Relief Specialist, speaker and trainer.  

2012 - Best of Canada "Natural Health' Competition; 2nd in
            "Holistic Health Practitioner" category.
2011 - Outstanding Professional of the Year in the Field of
           Stress Management Coaching by the
           Cambridge  "Who's Who" Directory
2010 - Woman of Worth "Health and Wellness" Award

More important, I am a stress conqueror myself, having recovered from a stress-related illness that put me in bed for three months.  I know all about stress.  I studied for eight years to learn how to eliminate it.  I now joyfully share my knowledge with those people who are ready to change their own lives – for the better. 

www.SherylStanton.com     stressreliefisyours@gmail.com     (604) 302 1095
Your problems, whether physical or emotional, are in fact, just symptoms of "Emotional Mud" on your spirit. This "Emotional Mud" has created your negative belief systems and the unhappiness you are trying to cover with your current "band aid" solutions.  

The emotional mud, and your problems, can be washed away – if you use the right "soap".